I Became An Elementary School Outlaw​

He vividly captures the heart of a universal experience: what it is like for a child trying to navigate the education system and what a huge difference a good–and bad–teacher can make. So much so, that the impact of those teachers still shapes our lives and behavior decades later. Frank Nappi exposes how a sensitive little boy becomes a childhood rebel — “I had small arms and shoulders and a huge reputation to lug around.” — and shares how this rebel grew up to become a successful teacher and author. Nappi brings to life how important it is for teachers — and adults — to truly “see kids” — how their simple encouragement can mean so much, and their careless indifference or outright cruelty can be so damaging. You’ll enjoy spending time with Frank Nappi and his recollections and epiphanies. His life story will surely resonate with your own. – John Owens, author of the bestseller Confessions of a Bad Teacher