Game Of Love

Frank Nappi, in conjunction with Lexicon Films and MP Media House, announce the screen adaptation of Nappi’s fast-paced psychological thriller, “Game of Love.” Please check back for updates on production, release date, etc.

In a story of love and obsession, Nicole’s desire for a perfect life unravels with her crumbling marriage and an encroaching stalker.

Nicole Westbrook and her husband Chase have everything they could have dreamed of – except for a moribund marriage that they are trying desperately to save. And Nicole and Dylan Rucker have a lot more in common than she could have ever imagined. Inextricably linked by a past that has tainted both of their futures, Nicole has tried to break free from the constraints of her childhood while Dylan has bound himself to his. Now he is convinced that Nicole is the key to his liberation.While Dylan is initially satisfied with stalking Nicole and simply watching her life unfold from afar, a series of events escalates his obsession and puts her at the center of a deeply personal game that he believes will even the score between them. In no time at all, Nicole’s life goes from deceptively perfect to torn asunder, and everyone around her is impacted by her implosion. “Game of Love” reminds us of how hard it is to escape where we come from and who we are. And oftentimes, as in Nicole’s case, it leaves us playing the part of both victim and villain, with the final determination simply becoming a matter of perspective.